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My name is Helmut Hennighausen. For now 41 years I have been living in Wabern together with my family. Wabern is a small village, located about 20 km south of the city of Kassel.

The idea for a homepage was born when I discovered the possibilities the internet offers for family research. In addition to a short personal profile, I would like to publish part of my research results on the Hennighausen / Huennighausen family. My wish is that many interested people come to the Hennighausen - page and contact me (e - mail: helmut (at) At this point I would like to also my friend Joachim Jacobi for his support in the fight with the HTML Thanks to source code. Also Hartmut Hennighausen, specialist consultant for computer application and organization and active as a web designer in Berlin, has actively helped.

Family research: My interest in family research began at the age of about 14 years, initially extended to my own family and then to the families living in my home town Riebelsdorf. Through the visit of Mary Jo Southall from Richmond / Virginia, whose great-grandfather came from Riebelsdorf, the first contacts to America were made. In 1982, my wife and I visited several descendants of Hennighausen, who emigrated around 1848 in the USA. During this visit, no phone book was spared from a review of our name. In Chicago was Arthur Hennighausen, with whom in the following years a lively exchange of family data took place, especially concerning the Estonian - East Prussian family branch. Out of this contact arose friendship with many mutual visits. Even Martin Hennighaußen from Irschenhausen, who unfortunately died in February 1999, has contributed much to the study of the family, especially through the many information on the descendants of the watchman Johann Heinrich H. (1786-1859).

I am a member of the Association for Hessian Family Studies and the Westfälische Gesellschaft für Genealogie und Familienforschung. I manage the data of the family Hennighausen with the genealogy program Brother`s Keeper by John Steed. I support the history and culture of Wabern in his work and have helped to create the site chronicles for the 1175th anniversary celebration and the 1200th anniversary celebration. Since 2017 I am also responsible for the continuation of the online family book of the municipality of Wabern.

Amateur radio: I have been enthusiastic about radio waves since my youth. Since 1968 I am a member of the local club Knüll of the German Amateur Radio Club (DARC) and have since 1969 the amateur call sign DK3ZQ. I'm actually QRV on all bands with a TS-850 S, but the Funkerei has stepped aside for reasons of timing. Many nice radio contacts and visits including German lessons by radio were with my friend Ken, G3UDA, from Shrewsbury in England.